A Comprehensive  Tribal Development Project for Palakkayam Colony in Chaliyar Grama Panchayath

               UJJEEVANAM is a conceited and prominent program of Amal College, which supports and services the Tribal community. The college is delimited with many tribal colonies with very basic facilities, and the members are not educated to hack it with present social situations. The Malayalam word “UJJEEVANAM” in English means elevate which means to lift or move to a higher position or level. Exactly as the name of the scheme our aim is to elevate the inhabitants of Palakkayam colony.

               UJJEEVANAM envisions a bright future for the tribes of Palakkayam in Chaliyar Grama Panchayat, by providing them with a good education, health, mental status. which can elevate the current status of the tribe. The project intends to nurture the coming generation of the Palakkayam tribe through specific objectives.

The Three Major Objectives of Ujjeevanam 

            Education      -                  To empower women, and youth to ensure education.

            Employability -             To train the people to enhance employability skills and technological skills.

             Emotional Support- To support the tribal people when challenges arise,

Palakkayam  Colony consists of 34 families (100 members) of Muthuvan Caste and 16 families (54members off Kattunaikkan Caste, Total 154 members. Name of Colony Mooppan is Krishnan Kutty (58 years) and Mooppathi Mani (76 Years). Mooppan of Kaattunaikkan Caste is Karian and Mooppathi Karikka.

The 'Muthuvan’ people were loyal subjects of the dynasty of Madurai, according to tribal legend. When the dynasty was deposed, the surviving royal members migrated to Travancore, central Kerala. Kattunayakan is one of the five ancient tribal groups in Kerala. They live very much in tune with Nature. Hunting and collecting forest produce are the two main means of living for the Kattunayakan tribe.

Major practices 

  2. 10TH EQUIVALENCY LITERACY  SCHEME “VIDHYA” in collaboration with JSS, Malappuram
  4. Digital Banking
  5. Pusthakavandi( Mobile Library) 
  6. Marketing of Tribal Products
  7. Tuitions/ Coaching/ Trainings  in Tribal Schools/Colonies

Staff in Charge

Mr Hafees VK

Asst. Professor

Dept. of Tourism and Hotel Management

Amal College of Advanced Studies

(Aided by Govt. of Kerala and Affiliated to the University of Calicut)

Recognised by UGC under sec. 2(f) & 12(b) of UGC Act 1956.

Declared as a Minority Educational Institution under sec. 2(g) of the NCMEI Act-2004.

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