Yoga Club

Yoga is a path of spiritual inquiry directed to an objective understanding of life and living. Over the years, yoga has also evolved into a science of Health and Healing. In our College, the Yoga and Meditation Club was started in the year 2014.  Yoga and meditation club conducts programms to staff and students to understand the importance of maintaining good health both physically and mentally.

The trained teachers teach simple exercises, Kayakalpam, and meditation. Exercises to maintain physical health, Kayakalpam 15 prolong life activities meditation to make them fit mentally and to understand the inner life.


Aims and Objectives


  • To train young, intelligent and educated women into the basics of Yoga with all its pure and pristine form.
  • To acquaint them with prominent features of all cultures so as to enable them to perceive broader horizons of Yoga encompassing all world cultures.
  • To enable them to discover Yogic tenets in their own cultures.
  • To get them well grounded in a cultural synthesis so that they may strive not only to lead a well-integrated life themselves but also to teach others to attain the same to establish the brotherhood of man on the face of the earth.

Staff in Charge

Mr. Anujith S

Asst. Professor

Dept. of Tourism and Hotel management

Amal College of Advanced Studies

(Aided by Govt. of Kerala and Affiliated to the University of Calicut)

Recognised by UGC under sec. 2(f) & 12(b) of UGC Act 1956.

Declared as a Minority Educational Institution under sec. 2(g) of the NCMEI Act-2004.

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Eranhimangad P.O


Kerala - 679329